Meraki (adj) doing something with soul, creativity, or love
Ikigai (verb) the key to a long and happy life

This is The Story

Mierakigai was born with the purpose of assisting entrepreneurs to Thrive in Digital Transformation. Mierakigai’s team is driven by the Meraki and Ikigai attitudes, providing a sense of calmness and assurance to clients.

Become a strategic partner to develop a sustainable business through Digital Transformation and Corporate Culture. Grow client company value up to 100 times and last up to 100 years.



In order to give a positive impact on our clients, we provide solutions that help their company grow and adapt to changing circumstances. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve sustainable growth by providing them with tailored solutions that address their unique challenges and needs. To achieve this, we are committed to providing a comprehensive Learning & Development program that will nurture and develop our employees into skilled CEOs who possess vast knowledge of digital transformation and an entrepreneurial spirit. We aim to build two new companies every year, to further promote entrepreneurship and innovation in our industry.

Mierakigai’s Values











“Digital Marketing is our expertise. We'll take care of it, so you can focus on yours.”

Lucky Haryadi, CEO of Mierakigai

Experts Behind Mierakigai

At the heart of Mierakigai are passionate experts who continuously learn and excel in their respective domains.

Find Opportunities to Grow With Mierakigai

Mierakigai is growing, so do the people within. Be prepared to embark on a growth journey or miss many opportunities.

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